The Midwives College of Utah has been educating direct-entry midwives for over thirty years. Its mission is to build midwives of technical expertise, professional excellence, and personal greatness–namely Midwives of Excellence: midwives who will be pivotal to the “tipping” revolution of maternity care and birth culture throughout North America in the 21st century.

MCU’s method for building Midwives of Excellence is to meld both professional and leadership education. Professional education prepares students for expertise in their chosen profession; leadership education teaches students the skill of “how” to think. Together, professional and leadership education will build:

Midwives of Technical Expertise

* Mastery in the depth and breadth of midwifery care
* Able to access, analyze and apply information
* Able to think critically and creatively
* Honed sensitivity to inspiration

Midwives of Professional Excellence

* Able to create and influence community, political & business systems
* Able to read, write and speak with impact
* Mastery of the art of relationship and diplomacy
* Committed to professional accountability and ethics
* Committed to life-long learning

Midwives of Personal Greatness

* Personal integrity and professional ethics
* Humility to always be learning
* Clear vision regarding their unique role and mission
* Depth of knowledge necessary for leadership
* Wisdom gained from experience.

As part of fulfilling this mission, MCU has established an Ethical Review Board (ERB) to monitor, review, and approve all research involving human subjects that is conducted by MCU faculty, students, and affiliates. ERBs are also commonly called Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) or ethics review committees; these terms are synonymous in nature. The mission of the ERB is to ensure the ethical and non-coercive treatment of human subjects, while providing students and faculty the opportunity to engage rigorous and pioneering research. This site explains the process and provides access to all needed forms. Please read the MCU ERB Policy for more details (including timelines).

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