The MCU distance-education curriculum and community-based clinical placement are firmly grounded in the unique and profound power of the Midwives Model of Care™ (MMoC). We believe the MMOC is a primary pathway for improving outcomes and eliminating inequities for childbearing persons and babies during the childbearing year. Midwives College of Utah fulfills its mission by meeting the following institutional goals:

  • offering a bachelor’s degree to prepare individuals for career opportunities to practice as direct-entry midwives providing primary care to childbearing persons and babies;
  • offering a master’s degree to prepare individuals to be midwifery leaders in the birthing care landscape;
  • delivering curriculum core competencies and student support services that supply opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills, and philosophical approaches. This education is organized within five broad interrelated categories:
    • Specialized Knowledge
    • Broad and Integrative Knowledge
    • Intellectual Skills
    • Applied and Collaborative Learning
    • Civic and Global Learning;
  • nurturing a culture of collaboration as we continually strive to advance equity, access, and social justice at MCU and in the midwifery profession; and
  • creating opportunities for students to effect global social change through the development and application of leadership skills.

As part of fulfilling this mission, MCU has established an Ethical Review Board (ERB) to monitor, review, and approve all research involving human subjects that is conducted by MCU faculty, staff, students, and affiliates. ERBs are also commonly called Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) or ethics review committees; these terms are synonymous in nature. The mission of the ERB is to ensure the ethical and non-coercive treatment of human subjects, while providing students and faculty the opportunity to engage rigorous and pioneering research. This site explains the process and provides access to all needed forms. Please read the MCU ERB Policy for more details (including timelines).